Not all men enjoy learning how to do their own repairs and spending countless hours in their work area fidgeting with their tools, getting covered in motor oil and taking trip after trip to the hardware/auto repair stores. BUT...when they do; I'll just say wow.

However, the types of men can be the most difficult to shop for. What do I know about tools? How do I know which tool he needs/will actually use? Finding the right gift for this guy may seem daunting but if you do manage to find a tool that is unique and useful or an item to enhance his experience while he is hard at work, he is sure to be impressed.

After watching my fiancรฉ and his buddy repair a 1979 Kawasaki motorcycle over the weekend, I realized that I would have no idea what to gift the guy that does that type of work all the time. So, of course, I conducted a brief interview while they enjoyed their beer and pizza after completing the project. Their recommendations follow. I hope that you find these gift recommendations as helpful as I did!

As always, these recommendations are listed from least to most expensive and are fairly generalized. If none of these suggestions fit your budget or your man's needs, just let me know by visiting and my "Gift Guru's" will hook you up with your own personalized gift advice for FREE.

p.s. I use all caps with the word free not because I am yelling at you, but because I don't really know a better way to emphasize the fact that you will never ever be charged for the free gift advice service that I have set up...

1.     Flex Ratcheting Box End and Open End Combination Wrench Set.

This isn't your typical wrench set. My guys tell me that these types of wrenches are fairly new to the market and are far more convenient than the typical non-ratcheting open ended wrenches. Take a quick trip to your guy's tool box and check it out. Chances are that his kit still contains the classic wrenches.

There are a number of different kits available, so if you have any questions about the sets or would like a specific recommendation that falls within your budget, just send me a quick email!

2.     Mini Fridge Stocked with his Favorite Beverage.

True, this is not really a tool. However, this addition to his shop or work area is guaranteed to see as much use as any of his other "legitimate" tools. When you gift this mini fridge, make sure that it is stocked with his favorite beverage of choice. Stocking it with easy to eat/access snacks is always an option as well; just make sure that these items can be eaten with dirty fingers.

3.     Portable Propane Grill

Once again, we understand that this gift doesn't qualify as a "tool" per-say. I have decided to include this recommendation because it will be useful and fun for the guy that spends a lot of time outside working, and can also provide you an opportunity to offer something useful while your man is busy doing what he loves.

Even if your guy already has a grill, a portable propane BBQ is a great addition to any workshop. While he is working, he will be able to toss a steak onto the grill, enjoy the smell of his meal cooking, and pull it off to enjoy right there in his "functional man cave." If you're looking for a way to spend more time with your guy, use the mini grill as an excuse to prepare a meal outside with your guy, working side by side.

4.     Heavy Duty CD/Radio/Boom Box

Music enhances every experience. Gifting a heavy duty boom box that is water/dust resistant, has a protective cage, and plays CD's, radio, and digital music players will allow him to enjoy his work even more. It will also communicate that you support him in doing what he loves and want him to continue to be himself! Also, the more comfortable you make his work space, the more gratifying it will be for you to join him and show shared interest in what he does.

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