So this morning I go with dh to the surgeons office..looks like he has to have his gall bladder removed tomorrow. We aren't certain. We have to go to the hospital here in a little bit so he can have a hida scan and then back to the surgeons office to find out 100%.

Anyway..we had never been in this docs about swank! There were 4 nice couches along the walls, one in the middle of the room...2 arm chairs..and 6 other chairs that you would expect to see in a lobby. But seriously, they were nice couches. I didn't expect to see them. The only annoying thing is that every damn picture on the wall was crooked. EVERY. ONE. How can someone in that office not notice?

So while in there waiting this other guy and his wife walks in and someone asks about his scan..the guy goes OMG I wouldn't wish that on my enemy and then proceeded to talk about gall bladders..I couldn't help it..I cracked up laughing. Dh asks WTH are you laughing at? Is that what I have to do? MORE laughter. And yes, that is the scan he has to do but from what I read about it online, that other dude is just a pussy.

Oh and also while there I cracked the case of the thief who likes to steal pages out of magazines. Nothing is worse that reading an article in a magazine and turning to the page that said article is continued on just to find out that the page has been ripped out..or even more annoying the part of the page you need to read has a hole because someone wanted the recipe on the other side.

I'm sitting there and hear..RRRRIIIIPPPPP...the little old lady in the corner is trying as discreetly as she can to rip the page out of a magazine. I watch her from the corner of my eye...she finally gets it out and her head pops up scanning the room for anyone that was paying attention to her devious deed. I don't look at her eye to eye, but I'm watching her from the corner of my eye...I got ya number lady. I now each and every office you have been in you page thief!

Then I kinda get bummed..that must have been something good and damn it, she got to it first. So now I am sitting here lusting after some secret delicious food that I could have made had I only gotten to that recipe sooner than little old lady.

Oh, the surgeon is cool. Totally funny guy. He insists that we have to watch Only in America (Larry the Cable Guy show) Now we have to go check our son out so we can head to the hospital to find out the fate of dhs poor little gall bladder. Maybe I can find me a good recipe...

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 2:22 PM

the scan is ok. i had it while in horrible pain. it took about 2 hrs. first they do it without the contrast and then and hr later with contrast. u get lifted up in this machine and if u want u can go to sleep. or look to the monitor and watch the gallbladder on the screen. mine only put out 8% bile from it. the next day i had the surgery and they did it through 3 cuts and then it took about 6 months for me to feel better and eat better

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 7:13 PM

Thanks for the dh sad the scan wasn't as bad as he feared it would be. They didn't really give us a %, but the doctor told us that some number was supposed to be at least 35 and dh's was 13. So, he is actually having the surgery tomorrow. They just called to tell him the time and get more info from him so I am waiting on him to get off the phone. The doctor said his would be just 1 incision though.

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