My goal is to work from home. I want to spend quality time with my husband, daughter, and friends. We never know when any of them may be taken from us.

What I did: I found a new work at home business. I am trying REALLY hard. It's actually a very simple concept that creates residual income. You create this income while helping other families become healthier and financially independent. A health and wellness company that actually cares about ti's customers more than its $$ - I LOVE IT!

I would love to share this idea with any mom (or dad!) that want's to stay at home with their family. Or any one who already wants to stay at home but wants to contribute to the family finances....if it fits great! If not-I encourage you to keep looking. I have realized the value of being able to work from home...I WANT IT!

THanks for listening...please feel free to comment~

moms rock

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