I never realized that doctors could be so useless when you really needed them. I have never been really big on doctors myself. I like natural births, and to get over things without meds, just the way I have always been but I always figured that if I ever needed it Doctors should be able to help me. Anywho so ds developed a severe case of Eczema in November at 3/4 months. He looked like this and here's a pic of us at the ER because he was so miserable and I just didn't know what else to do:

At first he was just itchy, and had dry skin then at some point it developed into full blown face oozing, weeping, bleeding, and he scratched so bad we have found him covered in blood. At first I didn't want to try hydrocortazone cream. it was horrible for a baby's skin and I read all the side effects and didn't want ds to have it but eventually it got so bad that I was willing to try anything just to make him happy, and sleep more than a few minutes. So we tried the cream and it did nothing my own doctor would not give me a single cream she just told me to keep lotioning him and that was it and every time I took him in she said I was not lotioning him and to buy more lotion/creams and lotion him. It wasn't til I took ds to the ER, and switched doctors before  One doctor mentioned it could be diet related and since I was breastfeeding I should try an elimination diet. She told me to drop everything and only eat chicken, rice, and veggies. Didn't tell me how give me any recipes, or direct me to a support group or anything but hey just go home and eat chicken, rice, and veggies, have a nice day! I left that appointment feeling like the whole world had fell on me. They scheduled me an appointment with an allergist who said ds was allergic to  milk, and eggs, and sesame seeds. So then I eliminated that from my diet and ds still was miserable. He itched sooo bad and didn't sleep more than 5 minutes before he got so itchy hed wake and I had to hold him while he slept. So talking to other people I was told I would just have to eliminate even more food. Reluctant and  feeling so overwhelmed I did. I dropped it and ate rice, chicken, and veggies. Ds did a little better but still was very itchy.

Eventually he was looking a little better and feeling a tiny bit better but his skin still looked really bad and weep ed alot. He was sooo itchy but it was not as bad as it was so I stick with the ED. At first I didn't eat I was so afraid that the food I ate would harm him I think I just went into a mini depression losing 7lbs really fast, and not eatting at all because I didnt want to hurt him further. His skin improved a bit and looked like this:

He still didnt sleep without me holding him and his skin still weeped alot, and he still was very itchy. It was really hard but he was a little better so we both were a little happier but  still wanted my son to be able to take his socks off. I wanted him to be able to use his hands so I asked other moms, the doctors were not help and all they could tell me was that he would keep raising the hydrocortazone cream strength until it worked since the 2$ did nothing for my son. I declined and decided wed have to find a natural way to help him. Finally a mom friend of mine told me to try her chiropractor. I was like uh yea right, no thanks. I just didn't see it working and since we already had to switch to an organic diet, and shop at the gluten free market I didn't want to spend another dime on this but it was still so bad, and she was really seemed to think it helped so finally we gave it a try. The first day after his adjustment he slept through the night  and took two naps that day. I breathed a sigh of relief hopefully like would be better. His skin began to look better and better each day. Finally it looked like this after about two weeks and for the first time since the first two months of his life he was sleeping through the night. His skin looked like this also:

Things we so good we stopped going to the chiropractor and his skin began to go back to how it was. After a few weeks it was even weeping and once again we took him to the chiropractor and after the first day he slept again, and was alot less itchy. He still is really itchy and wears socks on his hands so my next move it to get him on probiotics, and to ad some b6 into my diet and see where this gets me but this is my eczema journey and just wanted to share because we have been through so much and maybe my journey can help someone else. So the onyl help encouragement and anything I have recieved have been from other moms online and at moms groups, the LLL, but doctors have totally let me down. My doctor still everytime I go in just give me formula even thought I told him hes allergic to all the formula when I give them to him he gets worst but I guess my doctor is just stumped as me.

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 6:54 PM

hugs   I have discovered with my son that anything other than 100% cotton clothing, bibs, blankets, etc. make his skin incredibly worse. Good luck mama!!!!

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 6:55 PM

I forgot to add he is so cute!!!!!!! We do the socks too.

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 9:58 PM

THanks! see we havent even got to the clothing aspect yet I dont know exaclt what his clothes are but he had some other bigger allergy issues that we are tackleing first but  we only was in all free and clear. I really cant wait til the socks are no more I Really want him to be able to use his hands.

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 10:43 PM

Awwww poor lil guy & Moma!! It sounds like a big battle you have been faced with & I am so sorry the doctors are not more help. I know that is SO frustrating. I'll say a prayer that things get moving in the right direction & stay there. He is such a cutie pie!!

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May. 15, 2011 at 12:34 AM

I know how you feel.  My son has regular allergies and atypical symptoms of allergies.  Only now that he is 8 did someone finally realize his behavior may be caused by seasonal allergies food allergies.  Just found out this week that he has almost year round allergies.  When he was 1 he developed a rash that kept changing and ended up hitting every part of his body till his then pediatrician looked in a book and came up with Gianotti Crosti Syndrome.  But knowing what I know now I have to wonder if it wasn't cause by the introduction of milk and other foods he cannot tolerate.  If our insurance covered a chiropractor I would have tried one a long time ago since they are more for Natural healing.  Also what brand of Probiotics do you use?  I have the biggest trouble finding ones my son can tolerate since so many of them contain milk and other ingredients he is allergic too.  I am finding that I am going to have to use a rotation diet and even rotate his probiotics since my son is sensitive to so much.  Good luck and thanks for this journal since it's nice to know we are not the only ones. 



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