I have 6 cats and 2 dogs. I love cats. 

But this is when I hate them..6 cats, 4 are outside-inside cats. 2 boys who are not fixed and 4 females who are.

I went to bed last night, "MEOOOOOOW!" through the window, the big broken boy is trying to fight with his brother. (broken as in, broken leg permentally from I don't know what) but he thinks his shit don't stink and try's to fight every male cat. Don't get me wrong, i took him to the vet for the leg, but vet say's it's not in his way to let him keep it. It's the front paw. Anyway... he always gets his ass kicked!

I go downstairs and get him, bring him up to my bed and get him to purr himself to sleep. I doze off...nope! he gets up and tries to "get" my female on my bed. "RAWR" cat fight. okay out you go!

I ship him outside again.

go back to bed, I hear the cat fighting "rawrs" from the outside, thinking "oh well! I am not letting him in!"

I turn the tv on to block out the sound. I doze off again, here another pretty kitty trying to open my closet door, she won't stop so i scoop her up and get her to sleep.

doze off again.....then i hear a meow, then another and another and another...Oh it's Peter Parker! (my favorite kitty!) "Peter! Shut up!" 

I doze back off....wake to a puking cat under my bed... yes cat puke is wonderfull!

3 times, 3 different places!~

I scoop her up and go back downstairs and toss her out. go back upstairs, move the bed and clean the puke!

back to sleep...."MEOOOOOW" it's patches meowing at my window. DAMN I am not happy! Back downstairs to toss her outside!

back to bed, can't sleep. I can hear cat fighting war calls over the tv from the outside. UGGG I turn the tv up!

I finally fall asleep to wake up arounf 4am to my "Mookie" licking the skin off my hand! it BURNS! (wonder how long she was doing that!)

wake in the morning, come down stairs and find that SOMEONE HAS PISSED IN MY LAUNDRY BASKET!

I love cats, I love cats, I love cats, I love cats. right? Oh yeah, woodtics are out already, found one on patches yesterday! OH JOY!

and big boy sassy broken kitty...well he came in the house and slept all day! Like a baby, i should have woken him up all day to get him to sleep at night! lol

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