May 2007- Jeff and I get married in Boulder

December 2007- Been trying for a baby since May, no luck. Now having very bad pain. Go see my OB- sends me to a fertility specialist.

January 2008-Get an HSG done, both fallopian tubes blocked

January 2008- 1st surgery to unblock tubes, endometriosis found

March 2008- 1st IUI/clomid, failed

April 2008- 2nd IUI/clomid, failed

June 2008- 3rd IUI/clomid, failed

July 2008- recurring pain

August 2008- 2nd surgery to remove a chocolate cyst off left ovary, find more endometriosis, left ovary stuck to side pelvic wall

October 2008- 4th IUI/clomid, failed, diagnosed with PCOS, put on metformin

January 2009- Another large cyst formed on left ovary, fibroids in Uterus

February 2009- 3rd surgery to remove left ovary and fibroids

March 2009- Clomid Challenge failed

May 2009- 5th IUI, SUCCESSFUL- Doctors cannot believe it!!

May thru December- Placenta Previa, Flu, Bronchitis, Pre Eclampsia.Got ultrasounds done every month- was considered high risk

December 1st 2009- Put on bed rest at a little after 8 months

December 23 2009- Baby girl, Kylie Elizabeth born via C-SEC, 4 lbs, 15 oz She's prefectly strong and healthy. HURRAYYYY!!! Our miracle is here!

April 2010- start trying for another baby. Have constant erratic cycles, abnormal bleeding, pain, uterus possibly damaged

February 2011- Told and verified by two doctors that I am going through menopause, at 35

February 2011- Talk with Doctors about using a surrogate, or egg donor. He says I have no eggs left and cannot carry a baby. I should give up on those ideas and move on.

February 2011- Husband and I have decided we want to adopt! Let the journey and adventure begin!!!! Looking for the right fit with an agency or Infant Designated Adoption.

I created a facebook page, with lots of photos of our friends and family!

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 7:30 PM

Wow, mama.  That is some history.    I have friends who have gone through the adoption process and it can be long and draining.  Wishing you success on your adoption journey!

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 8:10 PM

Thank you! I have been through so much already....whats a little more:) lol! We are ready for whatever like brings us...If I can make it through the last few years, I can just about do anything!

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