Happy Thursday dear readers...Friday is knocking on the door.  After yesterday I have stressed and grayed at unnatural and unhealthy level.  All the stress at work then all Holy hell breaks loose in our family.  MY very TOUGH and PASSIONATE 15 yr old got into a fight on Facebook over Emo music.  She LOVES music.  All forms and fashion but she tends to lean towards emo or punk like music.  Well a SOON to be relative comments an ugly comment about the song she had used in her status.  She asked him to leave her alone she is to tired, sick and stressed (yes the ANNIE play that has had us in chaos for weeks), Instead of respecting that she wasn't in the mood he started leaving ugly comments.  Well I am sure I shouldn't use this word on a mommy site but I am 75% b!tch.  So that makes my daughter a one.  She comes by it HONESTLY.  So instead of shrinking back and licking her wounds she strikes back like the cobra she can be.  Then instead of being a GROWN UP that this person is supposed to be he kept on harrassing her. Then her friend who is also 15 year old stepped up and got involved with having my daughters back.  THE GROWN UP proceeds to thearten the CHILDREN.  At this point all the family becomes invovled.  Now keep in mind I am a well the word I used before.  So for me not to step in a tear him a new butthole was HARD dear readers SO HARD.  However I love relative and I have to respect her love of this person.  So I spent the whole night biting my tongue.  Then people started in that I should make my daughter apologize to this person.  She should respect adults.  Well dear readers the adults should respect her.  I have always told my kids...Stand up for what you believe in even if you stand alone....well dear readers as long as there is a breath in my body and fight in my soul my kids will NEVER stand alone.  So let's move on because I am getting worked up again.  So my moms doctor called.  I am really worried dear readers.  Everytime he has called her and talked with her over the phone even when the FIRST tests revealed cancer so to make us actually come into his office in Birmingham I am terrified.  I am trying like hell not to worry but I can't help it.  Thank goodness I will have a few busy days to keep me from thinking to much about it.  The Annie show tomorrow, a Brown Bag Party on Saturday and my nephews birthday party on Sunday.  Well I am going to stop talking about it because I am freaking out.  ON GOOD NEWS....I had a lady sign up under me to sell sex toys.  I have another one who is going to so we can start our own Alabama girls club.  So that is great news to me.  I am so excited about Saturday night.  We are going to have so much fun....well dear readers I am going to go for tonight...God Bless and see you tomorrow night I will let you know how the play goes.  Remember if you want to do a party message me or check out my website www.brownbagparties.com/rara


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