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Jennifer McClain recently debuted a radio ad and has been wonderful enough to share her story and the ad with us so that we may share it with you...
Hello LBB Consultants and Friends,
I thought I would share what I'm doing in my town. :)
Everytime I listen to the radio, I hear all these commercials. As I was cleaning my house and listening to music, a lightbulb went on in my head... Brilliant Idea!!! Why don't I advertise my La Bella Baskets business on the radio?
People listen to the radio all the time everyday in their car or at work and so I emailed my radio station and asked about the cost of advertising. The lady emailed me back and said she was willing to work with my budget, so we talked over the phone and came up with a great budget plan every month for my ad. Then, I told her about the gift baskets and the business over the phone and she put together a script with as much information she could. Now, it's recorded and going to be aired starting Monday, April 4th. So, I sent in my payment along with brochures, business cards and magnets!
So now, I'm live on WRAR Radio in my town of Tappahannock, all over the Northern Neck of Virginia. I have attached my recording, so turn your speakers up! Hope I have inspired someone to do this too!
Wanted to share!! So excited about this!! Wish me luck!!
Have a Beautiful Day!!
Jennifer McClain

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