I'm not going. First reason and really only reason is they are letting anyone they grew up with come instead of just having it for the people that graduated. I don't thinkk  that is fair for the people who did the work to share with the ones that dropped out. I was on the committe and talked too of them and explained how I didnt like it. One girl was like I am not going to support you with this. I was like I wasnt asking for your support I was saying how it is not fair for the ones that did the work to have to share with the ones that chose not to. The other girl was like if they pay their money I don't see why it is a problem. I was like again it has nothing to do with money it has to do with the principal that it is for the actual graduating class. 

They took a poll on facebook and most people were like I don;t see why not either I would love to see everyone I grew up with. I was like them lets call it a get to gether rather than reunion. We could have the main event for the actual graduating class and a picnic where everyone came. Before they could say shit I was like fuck ya I'm out. It's being put together by people who didn't even graduate from my school. It is a special ting for me since I worked so fucking hard to graduate why do I have to share my special moment with those that didn't complete. I do not feel it is selfish or anything. I know someone could invite a non graduate as a date or something yeah or there are party crashers ... I know that and can't stop that but to allow any and everyone that once went to a ypsilanti public school is not a high school reunion.

I think my school is dumb and ghetto. They are currently asking for the graduates photos but it is like shouldnt you ask everyone for their photos since it is for everyone not just the graduates????

Nut  know my school is fully of phonys and want to say I am not being the person I use to be and I should just go with the freaking flow. And i don't belive in being submissive when I am passionate about something. My graduation was special for me and for them to ruin it....heart breaking.

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Apr. 8, 2011 at 5:54 AM I dropped out of my high school and eventually had to finish my degree at an adult learning facility because I was being severely abused by an ex boyfriend and was clinically depressed. I stayed until grade 11 and acheived high eighties/low nineties while I was attending. And still remain good friends with many people who I went to school with. Are you saying that I have no right to attend that high school reunion to be with the people I love and remember the great times that we had? I don't believe that is wrong for me to want to do one day and think that you should worry about yourself less and others more.

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Apr. 8, 2011 at 9:26 AM

Sorry for your situation but yes. My mother was piss poor with finances and never bought me shit. I had to use all my free time to watch her three other kids. I had a job and she kept draining money from me..I was short a credit and and to take an extra class while still in school and worked part time. The money I had to use to take the extra class my mom was trying to steal and use for herself and not on my education.I still managed to make it. I did it and only I and the others desrve to go. I have no problem telliong the folks that dropped out you can't go. They already knew they didnt graduatie so why are they upset they can't go??? lol

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