Take a Solo Trip to Paradise


Do you dream of balmy beaches? Strolling the streets of Paris? Rock climbing in the Rockies? Maybe you're just tired of the same old, same old, and need a change of scenery. Whatever the case, you're ready for a vacation.

 You have the desire and even the money to do it. There's just one problem: You can't bear the thought of buddying up with your mother, playing third-wheel to your best friend and her husband, or worse, going on a trip all by your lonesome. It's starting to seem like vacations are only for those who come in pairs.

 Well, single gals, be homebound no more! Vacations for singles are the newest trend in the travel industry. The trips put the world at your fingertips and make going solo an advantage, not a liability. And the best part? You're not hitting the beaches or bars with your mom in tow.

 You can choose from international or local destinations, cruises, resort packages — whatever strikes your fancy! Do an online search or have your travel agent suggest some options. Who knows — you might just find the perfect travel buddy among your fellow single jet-setters. If not, you've still had a fabulous vacation!

Brought to you by Dr. Laura Berman (Passion Files) And Slumber Parties by Tonia  slumberpartiesbytonia.com

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