Earn Extra $$$$

All you need is:

- a computer

- access to the Internet

- 10 min a day

This is the future of advertisement with a growing and upcoming company! Allow me to explain!Companies are trying to find a new way to get their advertisements out to the public! So Varolo came up with the idea, of why not pay people a fraction of the advertisement fee, for their time to watch these companies ads! Sounds good to me! You get paid for your family and friends to watch these advertisements, and their family and friends to watch too!

What do you have to do?

You will be required to watch 10 minutes a day of advertisements! Then simply tell us whether you like them or dislike them. You will also be networking with friends and family, and be allowed to give them the same opportunity you are being presented with! As a bonus you are also entered into a weekly Jackpot for every advertisement you watch!

If you are interested in learning more visit this website:


Watch the 2 minute users video, and decide if this is an opportunity you want to take advantage of!

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