I have been having questions about my MatchRate Plus business, so I figured I would try to clear things up for everyone...You don't have to take payments...and it's not a service you use, it's a service your 1 customer would use(a business-ex. hotel, restaurant, wherever they use credit card machines).  And signing people up is really easy...because it's free.  The people I signed felt they weren't losing anything if it didn't work.  Unfortunately I have lost a lot of money between Mela and PPL...Mela I bought the $350 kit to get started...I believed in the products(still do), and busted my butt to bring ppl aboard...got 12 on my team, and my biggest check was $99...huge letdown...PPL I put out almost $200 to start with them..not to mention the monthly obligation I had to both companies.  MatchRate Plus is a company that not only pays you, but they pay your customer as well...so it's a win win situation for everyone.  The best part is after you get that 1 customer, you never have to think about "selling" it to anyone else.  I hope this cleared things up a little bit for you.  Hope you have a great night!!

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