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Why Market Adult Products Online? Adult novelty items and videos have quickly become one of the most profitable and stable markets on the Internet. This year alone, millions of dollars in revenue have been generated by people trying to get out of their constricting workplaces and into their own businesses. Our affiliate program offers you a chance to supplement, and possible even replace, your current income by selling adult novelty items and videos without any of the usual hassles like, inventory management, credit card processing, and employees.

Highest Payouts in the Industry We offer some of the highest payouts to our affiliates. You get paid a 20% commission order that comes from a customer that was referred to us through your site(s). For those of you not in the business, our average sale is between $60-$90 depending on which products your clients are buying. This makes your average commission approximately $15 on every single order.

How much time is required on my end? After applying and being accept into our affiliate program, we'll provide HTML code and banners that can be easily placed onto your current site in less than 5 minutes.

How much does it cost? ZERO, we don't charge you anything to become an affiliate. We simply pay you a 20% commission every time someone places an order with us that came from your site.



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