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Opinions are like a$$holes

My temp dropped big time. From 98.1 to 97.7. I am 6 dpo and hoping its an implantation dip. However my breasts aren't sore as they were. I didn't sleep well last night so I guess I steal a nap and then check my BBT again. I know that doesn't follow the rules of charting but anyway.

My CM is tacky now and CP is low closed and firm. Blah. I don't have a great deal of CM at the moment. I have been battling constipation, my nips are tender and it hurts really bad when my milk let's down. Still super fatigued and been peeing a lot but then again it could be all a mental thing. Still taking the 1200 mg of vitex as recommended. At this rate I will be having to buy more soon. I also may need to invest into some inositol and Evening Primrose Oil too. Having killer headaches and really bad gas to boot.

I am still holding out this blind hope for this cycle I don't know why but I am. If I am not pregnant I can kiss having a 2011 baby good bye. Oh well. There is always next cycle.....I won't be buying any more OPKs even though they work well I just don't have the control to make a pack last for an entire cycle. Anyway, I am gonna try applying positive thoughts and get up out of this bed in a few. 

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