9th Annual Celebrating Home Business Expo and Conference April 8th and 9th  OPEN to Everyone.

Here is our Agenda for today Everyone Will get to Share their business as time allows.  Learn more Sat. if filled with Workshops and Networking. Come and join us for this event LIVE ONLINE.


Celebrating Home Business Expo Today LIVE Online Come Join In. Here is the Agenda for today

 Friday Open Networking Event

3-6pm EST  Networking Meet UP for Everyone.

6-10pm EST

Members Sharing their business experience and opportunities.

Guests will also get to Share in the event. Member will have 10 minute and guest 5 minutes as time allows.    http://expo-connector.com/chat.htm

Saturday Biz Conference.  Great Workshops for you.

5pm Meet Up Networking event and Kickoff.

> > 6- 6:20 Nanc  Networking is Important to business.
> >
> > 6:30 - 6:50  Short Intros
> >
> > 7 - 7:20 Nanc Cooperative Marketing Why Now.
> >
> > 7:30 - 7:50 Suzanne Working a home party business.
> >
> > 8 - 8:20 Short Intros
> >
> > 8:30 - 8:50 Lexi The Work that is behind a home business.
> >
> > 9 - 9:20  Dena Online Location, Location: The Land of No Recession

9:20 _ 10pm Event Wrap up and Sharing bring an intro to share.

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