Well, i have rejoined Curves to start exercising again....Im excited that i have gone so far.  BUT, i am starting to get more tired...i hope i can keep this up and loose some major pounds or i am sure my husband will never agree to another type of club or exercise program again.! wish me luck and motivation!

    I found a sewing class, a short class intro to pattern reading etc....whick i need to learn to use all the massive collection of patterns i bought to make my own top and jackets.   I sooo want to make my own trenchcoat  or spring jacket, etc.  all the ones at the store were so expensive and if i can do it, oh how great it would that be!  and i have been buying lots of pretty fabrics and i visited the thrift stores like some books and sites suggested for linens i can make into tops/skirts/ dresses, etc. 

    Best of all i have the next two fridays off to be home with the kids and i get to go take my sewing class!! as nerdy as that sound i am excited!!

     So, i hope to loose some weight, make some new dresses and skirts and nice tops, hope to learn to sew on some sleeves to make my blouse and jackets .  i am looking forward to spring and summer so i can take the boys to the beach again and look nice in my handmade clothes and looking forward to the fall to wear my own handmade jackets.......once i can learn to sew the sleeves of course, or i will end up with a lot of new vests!!

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