Meet Barb.  She is my weight loss client.  Barb has lost an amazing 251 pounds. Here's here story, in her own words:

"It is a funny & emotional view of my experiences over the past two years.  My before/after photo is very dramatic.

I started my journey on January 21, 2009 to lose 247lbs. I was scared that I couldn’t do it and that I would have to resort surgery. I wanted a safe, effective non- intrusive option to lose weight. I knew I had the weight to lose because I was tired, I couldn’t walk without a walker or move well at all.

My husband mentioned he had heard a commercial for a weight loss plan so I went online and found my Health Coach, Reenie Eaton, who supported me on my journey and continues to support me,  even today during my maintenance phase.

When I started my journey I was on 75 Units of Insulin twice a day as well as Oral Medicine to control my Diabetes.

I love to eat and I missed fast food, but by January 21, 2010, one year after I started losing weight, I had lost 162 lbs!!

I had made it a year with 85lbs to go to goal. I hadn’t had a hamburger or spaghetti in a year!

Currently I have lost 251pounds and I am no longer Insulin dependent.

Traveling has become fun again I can’t believe how easy it is to go places; I don’t have to worry if I can get where I need to go.

I am constantly amazed how great this plan is and IT WORKS!  It has become easier to lead a healthy life and I feel in control. I still want all those things I used to eat but it doesn’t haunt me all day long as in the past.

I met my goal of 247 pounds lost on January 22, 2011. I've reached my destination and now I know that I can reach all my goals in life.

My motto “Walk the Journey - Lose the Weight”!!!"


Are you feeling out of control?  Can you benefit from getting healthy and losing weight.  Contact me today for no obligation consultation!  Are you a candidate for my weight loss program?

Reenie, Certified Health Coach


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