Do you have ICE on your phone ? That stands for "In Case of Emergency"

If you are in an accident and unconscious, people can find an emergency contact on your phone. My hubby is listed on my phone as ICE-Ron

Everyone should have ICE !

This is just one way to protect yourself and your family .. what else can you do to protect your family?

  • Have an emergency response kit
  • Put a list of medications or known medical issues (like diabetes or allergies) on your fridge along with name, DOB, and Dr's name/number.
  • Have an out of town contact ... so if you have a disaster in your area, like an earthquake, hurricane, or whatever, you all can call the out of town person and know everyone is safe.  In a disaster, it's easier to get a call out of state, than within the state.
  • Have a fire escape plan .. and a meeting place that everyone in the family knows and understands exactly where that is. One Dad died because he ran back into a house fire to "save his 3 yr old daughter" .. she was in the back yard the whole time, the Dad, Mom & two boys were in the front yard. Their family plan was to meet in the "yard" ..but didn't specify an exact spot in the yard. 
  • PRACTICE crawling, stop-drop-roll, and getting to your meeting spot with your kids. 
  • Make sure you have a list of your kids friend's names and phone numbers. If your child ever turns up missing, you want to have this info.

These are just a few tips ... more here!

Other things you can do.

  • Get regular checkups and keep shots up to date. You should have a tetanus shot every 10 yrs.
  • Start a savings account for your kids college fund .. when they are a baby or toddler is the best time to do this, because you can put as little as $5 a week into the account and watch it grow!
  • Get your WILL done ... 7 in 10 people don't have a will, which leaves your children unprotected should you and your spouse die while they are still minors.

I'm an emergency response trainer, fire fighter and Independent PrePaid Legal Associate! I LOVE HELPING PEOPLE ! Be safe, be happy, and LIVE your life!

Mary Jacobs


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