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I've spent today cleaning out the main closet in my house. I can honestly say maybe 15% of the stuff in there was mine, the rest was hubby's. I'm getting the sneaking suspicion he's a hoarder. He's not full blown yet, and I doubt I'll see him on A&E anytime soon but he is resembling a pack rat. What is it with men, why must they keep EVERYTHING! I can't stand clutter, with a baby now I have enough of it with her toys and stuff. If he keeps it up I'm shipping him off to goodwill myself, I wonder if he's considered a tax write off .....

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Apr. 8, 2011 at 6:46 PM

I can really relate. It's taken me a long long time for my husband to see it's not good to hang onto so much stuff. Paperwork was the worst! We'd spend hours & hours going thru many piles of papers to search for one item. I've almost got that under control now & not having to search for everything has inspired him to let stuff go. A huge turning point was donating 23 pairs of "puffy pants" a.k.a Levi dockers LOL You can't make him change right away but seeing progress really helps get them motivated. "flylady" helped us. You might try to Google her :) Good luck!!

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