I wrote this on 2/16/08.... at a bad place in my life (or just trying to get over).  I read it every now and again to remind myself of all the greatness in my life now.

I Walk Alone
Sometimes when going through life
you must walk alone.
Walking, not knowing where you are going
or even how to get there.
Afraid of what awaits you
around the next corner.
And wondering if it's even worth
turning around and looking.
A journey that some days you
don't know if you can make it.
Life can be cruel and you discover that
you must walk alone.
With each new step learning something new
or to blind to see in the first place.
For once you had something so special
within your grasp.
In the blink of an eye all that you knew
was taken away.
And you fear that there is no way
of ever going back.
Scared this is now your life and thinking
you must walk alone.
On the way it begins to rain
thankful because it hides your tears.
Wanting to stop several times along the way
not wanting to continue.
To tired of feeling the emptiness that at times
totally consumes you.
Pushing yourself to put one foot in front of the other
every so often stumbling.
Still moving down this dark and broken passage that
you must walk alone.
Trying to have to courage to see this voyage through
to the very end
Hoping and somehow making yourself believe
that you still should have faith.
There are family and friends alongside you
not understanding what it is that you truly feel.
And until you can deal with it on your own and
in your own time
You know that you are going through life
and that you are walking alone.

wrote by DAP 2/16/08

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Apr. 20, 2011 at 10:28 AM

Very moving.

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