Well, it's about time to start picking out an OB or Midwife. I have to admit I am a bit apprehensive about it now. My top 2 choices have completely drop kicked my dear friend who happens to be pregnant and due about 2 weeks before me.  So now, what do I do? I can still call them up and see if they will see me but after the stuff they have pulled with my friend, I don't want to be next in line for their witch hunt.

I don't dare talk about it online anymore as people have literally been stalking her and talking to her care providers behind her back.

I tried to make a phone call today to talk with a midwife group but they are closed on Friday. LOL, figures right?  I have a couple of leads and given the fact I am a Doula, I know some stuff that the general public does not know.  I have some pretty specific requirements from my care provider though. So finding one that agrees with those things and agrees with the surrogacy and takes my insurance..... might be an interesting time.


6weeks 1 day

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Apr. 8, 2011 at 8:26 PM

Tammy I say give them a try see if they are different with you.  I appreciate your support but you health and the baby are more important I am behind you 100% if you want to use them.  

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