Right now, I'm a little ticked off, and just need to vent. My ex was here about an hour ago to pick up our daughter. We talked about her new glasses, the bingo fundraiser she's doing, and a few other little things- no big deal. I kissed my daughter and told them I'd see them Sunday. About 20 minutes after they left, a friend of mine called to ask how he was going to be paying child support since he lost his job today. I knew nothing about this. Let me explain a few things, so you have the same info I do. My ex was several thousand behind in child support, so I let him claim her on taxes 2 years in a row- his back support would be paid off faster that way. He got caught up due to that, and my husband and I were helping my ex buy Christmas and birthday presents. (We bought them, but they came from her father, so she didn't feel he was slighting her.) We have bent over backwards to help him out, let him live with us until he found a place of his own, worked with him on visitation and had to spend hours over the last few years helping Phoe understand all the changes in her fathers life. He and I agreed that if he ever got behind in child support again, visitation would trickle to a stop until he had a way to catch up. His suggestion, I just agreed. He owns a house 2 blocks from me, but is letting his cousin live there rent free. He was under contract for deed in another town, but when the home owner mentioned that there was someone willing to pay full price upfront for the house, he moved his family out and into a small apartment- making my daughter share a room with her step-sister, giving up 3/4s of his furniture, and cramping 4 people into a SMALL 2 bdrm. They moved into the apartment 2 weeks ago, and cannot afford 2 car payments, insurance, phone bills, rent, and taxes on the house he owns on his wife's minimum wage job. He lives in a little town, and there aren't many jobs available. Especially not paying as much as he was getting. I have NO FAITH that he'll be able to pull his @$$ out of the fire any time soon. While he was here, he had mentioned that there's lots of little things his wife "forgets" to tell him about. I popped off with "communication is key" and he said tell me about it. Makes me wonder why I had to hear about him getting fired from a friend instead of him. (I wouldn't be as mad if he had told me. I count on his being able to support Phoe.) He and his wife made promises to Phoe- things like they would pay for swimming lessons, girl scouts and softball. They told her that they would be saving money since rent is cheaper than the house payment, and so they would have enough for her and her step-sister to be involved in things like that. She's so looking forward to ALL of that, and I can't afford it. So now I need to find a way to console her, and I have the hard job of trying to explain to her that fulfilling his promises is just not something I can do. I'm at a total loss. And to think, he was laughing and oking with my friend today about this being the 2nd time he's driven the fork-lift off the loading dock. He told her "They didn't fire me the first time, so I wonder why they did it this time."

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