Let me ask all internet marketers out there a very important question –

How are you marketing your business?

Um…. Let’s see….. you’re probably doing a number of things such as advertising your opportunity on Craig’s List and Back Page (in the “jobs” section), using the 3 ft. rule (you know…. talking to anyone and everyone within 3 feet of you telling them about your business), mailing out postcards (a tried and true method), leaving your business cards all over the place, and bugging your family and friends. How have these methods been working?

I know from experience the frustration that goes along with using Craigs List. You place ads a few times a week with the hopes that they don’t get flagged. Those that don’t get flagged usually bring in some phone calls of people interested in learning more about the “job” you are offering. When you tell them there’s a start up fee, they say they shouldn’t have to pay to work for you. That’s when you go on to explain it’s a business and not a job, which causes them to get mad because it was advertised in the “jobs” section and they feel deceived. Let’s face it, no one looking for a job in Craigs List wants to own a home business. They want a job, hence they look in the “job” section. If you list your opportunity in the small biz section, your responses go way down.

Back Page is so full of shotty opportunities, I stopped even advertising there a long time ago. I didn’t want to be associated with it.

So who are the open minded people willing to listen to a presentation about your opportunity? Other home business owners! People who already know that work from home jobs are few and far between, if they even exist at all. People who want to be in control of their time and be their own boss. People who realize that you have to work hard to gain financial freedom and that you have to make an investment in yourself. People who understand that $25 per month (or whatever amount) for a back office is over head and every business has overhead. Basically, they are open minded people who are watchful for opportunities to better their financial position.

This is where Lead Net Pro can help you. Lead Net Pro can give you hundreds and even thousands of targeted leads any time you need them. Whether you use the phone broadcast system or do a postcard mailing, the people calling you back will be warm leads wanting to hear what your opportunity is all about.

So instead of wasting time with Craigs List, going around town placing fliers on cars, etc, take 20 minutes a day pulling leads and targeting others who are looking for another avenue to financial freedom.

For more information: http://www.leadnetpro.com/amycorp


Feel free to send me an e-mail at amy.k.corpuz@gmail.com or call me at 224-993-9363.

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