TGIF Dear Readers..however in just 45 mintues it will be TGIS.  So a very LONG day in the Bryant Family.  We FINALLY got to watch this production of ANNIE.  After two months of afterschool specials and midnighters for my children we got to see all that hardwork pay off.  They had THREE shows today and one more tomorrow night and then we will smell the sweet scent of FREEDOM dear readers FREEDOM.  I do have to say that it was a GREAT show.  For high schoolers and middle schoolers it was really good.  My 12 year old son was an urching.  Looking like a homeless kid from the 1930's him and his fellow middle school drama students "begged" for money when you went inside the doors.  The money they collected will be sent to the orphanages in Japan to for the displaced kids.  I felt this was a very sweet plan.  Then during the "stage shifting" they went on stage and did little skits.  He did so great I am so proud of him.  Of course my oldest child was behind stage doing makeup and costumes.  I didn't get to see her onstage this year but she is a freshman and a low man on the totemo pole.  So maybe next year.  I will miss tomorrow night show due to have a party in south Alabama.  So here it is nearing midnight and I am blogging, packing my 'toys", and baking a penis cake and trying to get sleepy.  I have so much stress right now dear readers.  Between money woes, work, and my mother being sick I am this side of insane.  However I am so excited about my party tomorrow night.  I called to confirm with her today before I baked another penis cake that my kids would have to be traumtized into eating again.  Yes dear reader this IS another day in the life of a sex toy consultant.  Want to book a party or sell?  You have till 11th of April to purchase your $99 kit.  Check out my website or call me at 256-735-3942


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