On march second, I lost a piece of my heart. A very large piece that was a vital piece of who I am. The night before, I laid in bed, I placed her hand inside mine. I held tightly in fear that it would slip away from me. I rubbed my fingers through her hair, in hopes that somewhere inside, she can feel me. Whenever I was sad, or upset, she would run her fingers through my hair. Her fingers, so soft, so gentle, and so long and beautiful. I would look up at her and smile, and she would smile back. Not a word had to be said. Because we were in each others hearts. We could speak with out ever opening our mouths. So on this day, I spoke to her, like I did when I was young. The only way I could speak with her, was through my heart. I screamed to her, I begged her not to go. I pleaded with God to help her. When my screaming was done, I felt her speak to me back, through her heart. Although her hands were not running through my hair, her heart was speaking loud and clear. She told me she loved me, she gave me comfort as I cried in her arms. I could remember just a few hours ago, she could speak.. Her voice made me begin to cry, an uncontrollable cry as she cleared her voice, to say, loud and proud, "Megan, I love you". She told me, and her friends, that she was now ready to go. I told her it was alright, that I would take care of Dad, and the family. I will watch over Bryan. I told her she was my best friend and she will forever live in my heart. As the hours passed, I would not leave her side. I watched her breathe slowly as she slept. My hand in hers, with my heart on my sleeve, I waited. I spoke to her! I told her exactly what she meant to me. I told her how proud I was of her, because she was the most wonderful mother, and my best friend. I spilled my heart as the hours passed. People came and go, but I could not let go. I couldn’t. I could not leave my mothers side. I needed to be near her as she needed me by her side. I slept in bed with her one night, right in her arms. I could feel her breathing, and her heart beating, and the sound put me to sleep. Hours and Hours passed, turned into days and days have passed. Still, I could not leave her side. At 1:45 A.M, I had a fight with a nurse. I was emotionally drained and physically exhausted. I had decided to go home just to shower and take a cat nap. It appeared that moms death wouldn’t be for a while, because her heart was still beating very strong. I got my purse and held her hand and whispered in her ear. I told her that I was going home, but my heart is still here. Our hearts will always be together Mom, no matter where you or I go. Tears ran down my face as I kissed her once last time. I told her that I would be back, and not to worry. That I will be there for her when she passes away. As I walked through the hospital doors, with tears now flooding my eyes. My mother opened her eyes, just a little bit. She took one deep breath and let it out... and waited almost a minute. And then she let out her very last breath. As I got into my car! I had no idea that my mother had just left me... she must not have wanted me there.. she didnt want me to see her go. Earlier in the night, I told my sister in law Lynette, that when mom passes, please make sure I leave.. I am afraid that I wont be able to let go of her body.. I am so scared to lose her. I think she heard me say that. Maybe, Maybe not. Either way, I had been there for days, and she dies the second I leave? I was not meant to be there.. About 5 minutes later My father called my cell phone, and told me that she had passed. I was already on my way home. My boyfriend tried to pull a U turn, but I told him no, this is what she wanted. She did not want me there. I lost a piece of my heart that day.. A vital piece of who I am. And it is forever gone, until I meet with her again Life will never be the same. I need her for so much more. My wedding day, the day I give birth. I need her. I do not know what I am going to do with out my mother, my best friend. Hopefully she will, in some way, still guide me. Because with out her, with out my heart, I am lost.. I lost a peice of my heart that day. A vital peice of who I am!

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