Hi!  I am a representative with Scentsy, a fantastic wickless candle company.  Instead of ugly sooty jar candles, Scentsy offers beautiful warmers and over 80 scents (wax).  The scents are slowly burned with a low wattage light bulb so the smell lasts a lot longer!  If a child or pet knocks the warmer, the wax is not hot enough to burn them!

If you are looking to make some extra money or pay for your candle addition, you must try Scentsy!  This is a company with intergrity and is soaring in this economy when so many businesses are going under.

Orders are only $5 to ship no matter how big the order!  We ship to APO boxes and will soon be selling in the UK! 

Have an online show and earn free and half price items!

Great for Easter basket gifts, Mother's Day, birthdays, teachers, and so much more!


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