I am going through more clothes that my son has grown out of.. reorganizing and cleaning a few things up..

next thing you know..  I am crying in a pile of clothes?

It just hit me how fast my little guy is growing! I have loved every minute... but where did the time go??  I no longer have this tiny baby..  I have this BEAUTIFUL baby boy, with two teeth, a head full of hair with TONS of personality to spare!

I feel like most of my time with him is running after him now! He spends every minute trying to get away from me, and into every thing!

He hates when I try and cuddle with him now..  Its like I slow him down, and it annoys him! LOL (in a funny way)

I am so excited about everything new with my son..  but tonight.. i just cried.. i want my little cuddly helpless baby that only wanted his mommy!! LOL

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Apr. 9, 2011 at 3:45 PM

I know how you feel. Aiden is now 4 and saying "Mom, get out of my room. I want to be alone!" I wish I could stop the growing process until I'm ready!

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