Mia Bella (Scent-sations, Inc.) has been offering customers outstanding products for over 8 years, as well as creating success for those that have enjoyed a home career with them.

So why is THIS company making a difference in the Direct Sales industry? What sets them apart from all the others?

I am excited to tell you why... I have been enjoying my home career with Scent-sations for over 5+ years and love when people ask my why I choose Mia Bella over all the other hundreds of companies in the direct sales industry.


Here is a list of just a few of the many reason they are changing the way we think of direct sales!

  • Debt Free and growing company for over 8+ years...with owners that created a foundation that is simple, fun & profitable
  • Low start up cost for anyone's financial situation
  • Buy at Wholesale to make significant income, both retail and residual (no more buying at retail cost)
  • Bonuses, trips and FREE 4% credit on everything YOU purchase
  • NO retail, party or business quotas & requirements (do not stress over staying active)
  • Low monthly auto-ship that gives you - products, website, training, promotional tools, shopping cart and so much more and NO Hidden fees (no more paying extra for a website)
  • Training, webinars and systems in place FREE for all distributors to create success
  • Products that are not only natural and quality but affordable and CONSUMABLE for customers (no more searching for new customers when your Mia Bella customers will come back for more)
  • Team support, connection and meetings so you don't feel like just another number
  • 3 multi-billion dollar product division for anyone to enjoy (enjoy the freedom to share the best of the best in Home Fragrance, Bath and Body, Mineral cosmetics and NEW anti-aging skin care)

Are you looking for a solid foundations that will allow you to make significant income from home - whether that is part time or a full time career?


Maybe you are business professional that wants to supplement their income and use these natural products as client gifts?


Have you been frustrated and stressed out by the typical Direct sales quotas and requirements that make you work so hard for so little?


No matter what your situation is, I would love to allow you to take a peek at Mia Bella and see if you are ready to experience the difference we offer - this is, of course a pressure free chance for you to see if this is a good fit for you!


Here is just how simple it is to explore the possibilities

1) Contact me, Cheryl Hill Here >>> (fill out the form)

2) Receive and email and phone call to answer questions

3) If the timing is right get started and join our team!

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