Well I feel like I am failing my children.  We moved to Arkansas because we thought they had better care for Autistic kids.  We found out that was not true.  All they want to do is push us away.  So we are moving back to Missouri.  I am happy but I feel like I have failed my boys.  They do not understand why they are having such a hard time.  My husband has no clue how to react to them all he does is yell and scream at them.  They both think he hates them because they cannot live up to his standards.  Hell I cannot even live up to his standards.  I do not know how to get him to understand.  I am just so stressed and wore out.  I do not know what to do.  I have tried to tell him and even had other people tell him, but he gets better for a little while and then starts up again.  I do not clean the house good enough, i do not do enough, I should be more strict on the kids it goes on and on.  Just needed to vent I know no one can help but it helps a little just to get it out.crying

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