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A friend of mine was killed last June when the motorcycle she was a passenger on crashed. Neither her, or her brother who was driving, were wearing a helmet. She died at the scene leaving behind a husband and two children. Her brother had alcohol in his system. Not sure how much. She had been drinking as well. She normally would have ridden with her husband, but decided to ride with her brother since her husband's bike didn't have a bitch bar. Her brother sustained severe head trauma and was in critical condition. The family didn't tell him that his sister had died until a week after her funeral. They didn't want to tell him at first because one, he didn't remember the accident. Two, they thought he'd give up and not try to get better. He had several surgeries on his head, and arm, but still doesn't know what caused the wreck. Today I found out that her brother had been arrested for negligent homicide. From what friends have said, and what I've witnessed, this man is at the end of his rope. His close friends have been on suicide watch since he learned of his sister's death. His Dad recently died from cancer, too. Now almost a year later law enforcement brings charges. If any one else had been killed he would be charged with something. He will have to live with being responsible for his sister's death for the rest of his life. I have mixed feelings about it. People should not drink and drive and her death was caused by a wreck he had because he was driving drunk. But, she voluntarily got on the bike. However, she isn't around to say, "hey, I was drinking and should have known better than to get on the back of the bike with a drunk driver." I'm just wondering how his court case will go. I feel bad for the whole family. :(

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Apr. 9, 2011 at 8:41 PM

my fiance's brother was killed by a drunk driver. he was in a vehicle with his friend who was way over the legal limit. he was only 18. his friend survived and got five years in prison. after he got out of prison he killed himself. i think it's sad that he was responisble for the ending of someone else's life. however i don't think he should have went to prison. 

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