my first thought when i found out i was pregnant was like WOW OMG HOLLY OMG! I had so many mixed emotions although now tht i have gotten farther along i am getting more excited but i am also still scared and nervous. My biggest thing right now is telling my bf i know he wont leave its just i am afraid of what he will say i know he wont leave me and our baby i just for some reason i am just scared about telling i am like shaking i am so nervous i have never been this nervous before OMG. My baby boy or girl couldn't have a better daddy and i think i am going t be a good mom. It will be hard but i hope to work through it and i will be sure to give my baby the best life possible and make sure that he/she has the best family posssible even if it isnt me and mikie. I will make sure that he/she has the opportunioty to get everything life has to offer. that he/she has the best life possible because that is what my baby deserves. i love you ali or bentley<3

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