I say it every month....."I'm going on a diet, I'm changing this about me, I'm changing that about me". I can say, in all honesty, that rarely, do I ever actually change anything. I really hate that. It makes me feel like such a huge failure.

This time, I'm fairly certain that I can say it, mean it, and do it.

Currently, I have gone 6 days without soda. I was drinking about 3-6 sodas a day. Honestly, other than missing the taste, the headaches have passed and I'm doing fine. But I have stopped drinking soda. That's HUGE for me.

Monday, 4/11, I will start my workout routine. I will start (and make damn sure I stick to) eating healthier. I'm not going on a diet, because that word equals failure for me. I'm re-doing my life. Food portions are going to be cut in half, snacks are going to be healthier, workouts are going to be done. I'm going to get a scale and do a weekly weigh-in and keep track of it. I'm also going to do monthly pictures and more than likely, get a measuring tape and take monthly measurements. I'm excited to see the outcome of this.

That's not the only change I'm making. I'm cutting my internet usage by a LOT. I'll mostly use Cafemom strictly for my group, research, and for me time. Me time will be when all of my housework is done, Cailin is napping, and I have nothing else going on. My family is going to have a routine. Well, I'm going to have one, as are the kids. More time is going to be spent with them, making sure homework is done, books are read, spelling words are gone over, chores are done, etc, etc. Starting Monday, Sebastian and Anastasia will adhere to their chore chart, they will get their rewards, they will get their allowance.

I need to become a part of this family again. We all do. I plan to pick one day a week for pizza and movie night (or day), I might decide to make Sundays no longer about eating a nice, family dinner, but more about it being Sunday Funday, where we have pizza, we watch a movie, we play games, we do stuff.

As CFO of this family, I'm going to make sure that I start paying attention to sales, I start clipping coupons that I'm actually going to use, I start saving us money. We are going to cut out a lot of spending that doesn't need to take place. We are spending so much money on eating out when I could cook at home. It needs to happen. Money is just going down the drain, every single month.

Change is needed and it feels good to actually make these changes. I feel like now is the right time and that it will all be a success.

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