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In the Depths of the Darkness, God Always Hears Our Cries“For He has not despised or disdained the suffering of the afflicted one; He has not hidden His face from him, but has listened to his cry for help.” (Psalm 22:24)

In the last couple of months, I’ve had many sleepless nights where I just tossed and turned, unable to sleep and in more pain than I usual. During many of those nights I’ve tried different things to try to pass the time, or to help me to get back to sleep. Sometimes I’ve been scared, nearly always frustrated, and at times, even panic has set in.

I’ve tried to pray, but it felt like the pain was stopping me from being able to focus for very long at all and I would lose concentration even more than usual! Many times I have looked to the Psalms for words of comfort and to remind myself that God is still there, He still cares and He hears my cries–even if I’m not even able to voice them at times.

In this Psalm, David has been crying out to God asking why He has forsaken him–the same words that Christ used on the cross– but he reaches the point here where he acknowledges that God has not been ignoring his cries, or turned His face away from David’s suffering. God has been there all the time and He understands and empathizes with what he’s going through, or been through. David had much to put up with as he was pursued by Saul.

Sometimes our journey with chronic illness can seem endless and as though there are so many things that are insurmountable, either right now, or in our future. It can feel like we are misunderstood, or alone in it – but this verse encourages me that, it’s not true. Just as God heard David’s cries, He hears mine too.

Dear Heavenly Father, I have no idea how long this current crisis will last for me, but I do know that I can hold on to the fact that You have not forsaken me. It might still be hard, but You’re there too and have not turned Your face away. Help me to believe and trust in that, even in the depths of the night. Amen.

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