I am serisously fed up with my man allowing his girls to basically do what they want  on the weekends he is supposed to have them. I dunno but if i only got my kids four days a month i would want them to spend time with me. and yet if  they call and ask to go to a birthday party or something he lets them. he says he dont want them to hate him. but in the long  run he hardly sees them. take this weekend they play asa, he forks out a fortune along with child support and pays for pitching lessons. hitting lessons, cage time and all that,. both the girls ages 13 and 10 play asa and town ball so he spends his Saturdays with them at the ball diamonds. and what sucks more is asa charges so he has to pay to watch his girls play softball and to spend time with them. he was supposed to have their birthday party last weekend he had them . but they called and wanted to stay at a friends so the party got canceled so he had to have a little party for them at the ball diamonds today. and i feel bad for his son. he is 15 and cause he has to sit through it for the whole day. i feel its unfair. but he hasnt put his foot down yet and i dont think he will. to top it off hie oldest dose not want to play anymore shes in junior high and wants more time with friends. she has told me and her dad this but yet wont tell her mom cause she dont want her mom to hate her. so she is playing like crap sometimes cause she just dont want to do it. I dunno im just fed up cause it sucks for the whole situation and i cant afford 8 dollars a person for myself and all three of my kids to hang around a ball park all day,. and on top of that id have to pay for food cause you can not bring any food or drinks in..im not saying sports are in anyway stupid both my oldest girls play, but they have like one or two games when they play and its on the weekends too. and i feel real bad when i go to my kids games and not my boyfriends kids games. mainly cause where I work i only get one saturday a month off so thats the only time i can go see my kids play. 

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Apr. 10, 2011 at 1:15 AM

sorry my typing sucks I hurt my finger at work today so im hunt and Peck typing with one hand int the dark lol..

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