Laaazy day today.  Don't feel much like doing anything.  The previous 9 days were crazier and more stressful than usual.  Last night I went out with my girlfriend and had a wonderful time.  Nice dinner, great drinks, great conversation.  The drinks were pretty strong though and today I feel kinda muckish.  Once, for a minute or two, I thought maybe I should go up to the YMCA for a workout.  I didn't think about that too long.  The extent of my exercise today was walking my dog then running - literally - over a mile to the pharmacy then grocery and back home. 

Ok, I've been without a car since last October.  I'm walking and running almost everywhere I go.  Over 5 miles most every day, sometimes as many as seven or eight. Whyyy am I not losing weight then?  I mean, I'm not worried about the actual number, I'm wondering about my muffin-top and why it's still there and growing.  It looks more like dough now and is starting to rise!  All I can think of is I'm getting older and my metabolism is slowing waaay down.  My doctor suggested my hormones may be starting to change too, happens when you start getting older she says.  I don't want to talk about though, makes me feel very "Troll-y".  My legs look great, but my butt is getting rounder!  I want one of those skinny little butts like the Victoria Secret models.  Anyody know how to get one of those without starving and working out 4 hours every day??  Please let me know if you have the Secret - ha, no pun intended.  Oh, and I want nice full breasts again.  It's rather disheartening when they get kind flappy and just kind of hang there, have to roll em up to get them into a push-up bra.  Isn't that false advertising?  There you are, lovely and squished up and together, then when the bra comes off they unroll and head south.  Well, I don't care if it is false advertising, I'll until I can afford the solution I'll just keep rolling those puppies up!  Oh, alright, I'll change the subject.

My favorite trees for blossoms are blooming, and they are so beautiful.  Don't know what kind of tree it is but the blossoms are big and pink and ruffly.  They bunch together in big clusters. The Wisteria is blooming too, flowers as long as my forearm, some longer.  MY little orange tree has ONE bud on it! Yeah little orange tree, pretty excited about that.  So much color, variety and texture here, I love it.  I talked to my kids in Utah today, they were getting snowed on, poor things.  The only thing I miss about Utah is them, well, and there are a couple of places I miss, canyons and such we used to hike.  Know what else I really miss?  I miss thunder.  Oh, we get rain here but never any thunder.  I loved listening to it, large and loud echoing off the mountains - gave me chills every time.  Hmmm . . . . . oh well.  Think I'll go to bed now.

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 9:19 PM

Never lived anywhere but Tn.and wouldn't trade it for money. I think I was born right where I belong.

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Apr. 12, 2011 at 9:21 PM

Have to add though ,anywhere it stayed warm year round would be tempting.

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