Happy Saturday...well to be honest it is actually Sunday but sshhhh I won't tell if you won't.  Well I had my party tonight.  It was soooo much fun.  My poor penis cake broke in half on the way down there...sssssoooooo I was worried but the ladies said it was good so I was glad to hear that.  So I finally got to show my NEW toys off...It was awesome.   The ladies were so much fun.  Sometimes you get a group where everyone is soooo serious but then you have some that laugh, and joke and just have fun with it.....It was very succesful and if I had a party like this once a week I could SOOOO quit my day job. However you can't always count on them being that good so I will hold on just a little while longer to that day job.  They had drinks at this party but you will be proud I didn't drink.  I felt as a rep for Brown Bag Party that they wouldn't approve of me drinking and getting falling down, cursing like a sailor and burping like a man.  So I didn't even drink anything stronger than water.   OMG readers I found the coolest store EVER. It is a 99 cent store....it was AWESOME.  Now not everything was 99 cents but the other things were not expensive.  I have a blackberry type phone and I couldn't find a car charger or a belt clip.  I found a car charger for 2.99 and a CUTE Betty Boop belt clip I am so happy.  I love Betty Boop plus I think she goes so cute with my profession hehehehehehehe.  They had so much more but I ran out of money and time but next time I am in Birmingham I am going by there.  They also had a cool thrift store too.  Well dear readers I am exhausted and it is 2 in the morning and I have my nephew's birthday party.  Just a warning tomorrow is a very hard day for my family and my blog will be in memory of my brother......till then dear readers...hope you are sleeping well.

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