Jon .Entering the flesh i gave my time to feelings of tiny fingers that 

awaken me from rest my unborn children 3/5/07 & 12/15/10

And if the real thing don't do the trick you better make up somethin' mom 3/22/2003

Aja.Bright struggling spirits in the air as i open my eyes I hear it best friend 8/9/00

Cassie .A whisper that moves my heart and comforts my story to tell my children good bye...unborn children 3/5/07 are my reason hope and life you are the why that i try 

when push back the god i hate the fact that you died ...To grandfather 08/23/98

Angelina.I thought i saw you breathe and i wanted to grab you up 

from your last bed Dad 12/25/10

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