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I was nauseated all day yesterday and last night OMG! I thought it was because I hadn't ate all day, so we voted and McDonalds won. Everyone got their usual except me. I wanted chicken nuggets. We get home and I eat. It makes my nausea instantly worse. So, I decide to take a cool shower and see if that helped. Wrong again. At this point I break out a thermometer and check my temp. 99.9. A fever for me because at my best my temp is 98.6.
The vomiting started at 9 last night and the last time I puked was 4 this morning. I also have watery diarrhea but the thing I haven't had not one stomach cramp =-/ I am sore all over and my back is aching like I ran a marathon. I am sipping on clear soda because I have to have fluids to produce milk. 
I didn't even take the Vitex yesterday. I am 8 dpo today. 

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Apr. 10, 2011 at 10:59 AM


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