My son (4 years next month), is completely potty trained during the day.  At night... not so much.  We've just started taking him out of pullups at night, and he's so happy to be a Big Boy at night, so I don't want to go back.  The problem is, he doesn't notice when he wets the bed (every night), he just sleeps in wet pjs and sheets.  Poor guy.  I want to help him, but everywhere I look, I keep getting mixed advice.  Wake him up at night  (get him used to waking up), don't wake him up at night (his bladder won't grow), use a bed-wetting alarm (empowers kids), don't use a bed-wetting alarm (frustrates kids), put him back in pull-ups (so he doesn't worry), don't put him back in pull-ups (will make him feel inadequate), go to the doctor (get medication), don't go to the doctor (medication is temporary), and finally, do nothing at all. 

I realize he's young, and I'm not worried.  I just want to help him the right way from the start.  So... what worked for you?

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