Okay so the other week I had to take my son all the way to Little Rock for surgery. My husband stayed at home with my girls, and since it was outpatient it was ok. I called the house a few times just to let him know we had made it. It was early in the morning so I left a message on the answering machine. Well, I was going through the messages and I could not figure out who was talking.

I soon figured out that it was me what the... is wrong with my voice! I used to sound like a little kid. My voice has always been high pitched. I asked my husband if that was how I sound to him. Not only did he say yes but he told me that it was because of the weight I had gained!!!!!

Weight at 20yrs. 120lbs.

Weight at near 30 170lbs. after 3 kids, being diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia, a few surgeries, and this thing with pancakes...

I could be wrong but didn't he think that was something that should have been brought to my attention. Crazy...Not mad just surprised at the female body and that I sound like a man. It makes me think...How do I sound in bed???? AHHhhhhhhhhh!!!

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