I didn't get my BFP the first time till I was CD58. I m/c 3 weeks later. I have not had a cycle since. I was so sure that I was pregnant (we were given the okay to start trying righ away) so when I was a day late, i tested negative. So I tested like a week later, negative. And another week later, negative. I am now 4 weeks and 1 day late. I am CD60. I had another neg fri and this morning. I don't understand and its frustrating. I will be testing again on either thur or fri and then I will be making an appointment if it is negative because then I will be put on medication to start AF. I have no signs of AF at all. I just wish I knew what was going on. I do have pcos but my last u/s was completely normal (about 3 weeks after my m/c-3/3/11 the normal u/s has never happened before) so after that normal u/s I should have expected af to show up on march 13th. nope and so far i just keep getting let down because I keep expecting a bfp. The longest my cycle has gone since tracking it even when the pcos was acting up, the longest cycle of 59 days. I am on 60days now. Ugh, I don't know its frustrating! Does anyone else feel this way.

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