Today is the 2nd Sunday of April and it's 80 degrees outside! Was able to open all of the house windows and get some fresh air in! Ahhh...............  I should be outside enjoying the wonderful weather, well at least until the rain storm that's suppose to come in this evening! That's the wonder of WI weather, it changes from minute to minute!

I've finally listed the house for sale. Figure it would be a good month before I start getting any calls. Expect it to be from investment companies who are looking for income properties. With the housing market the way it is, I don't expect much for now. Found out that there are 189 3 family houses for sale within a 2 mile radious. Well at least I'll have lots of time to get through things in the house. I've shredded 4 boxes of papers already! Very time consuming. Sure wish I had somewhere to burn it, would be so much quicker. Figure once I throw out and/or donate the stuff I don't want, then I can start packing up my stuff, making it easier for my move. Oh well..wish me luck.

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