Hi all,

I am extremely new to TTC and Cafemom. (this is actually my first attempt at "blogging" as well, so bare with me. :)  I should clarify, I'm new to actually TRYing TC but I've been thinking about trying for a long long time. I'm also new to the acronyms, but I will try my best :) My DH (Dear Husband I think) have been together 9 years, and married for 1 come May. I'm 32 and after 9 years of having fun, traveling, and pretty much doing what WE want, my clock is a tickin' and we're ready to be parents! 

 This current cycle is our first real attempt. I used the ovulation calculator and although I know most people don't get lucky their first try, we're holding out hope :) Through a lot of research here and online I'm fairly certain I could take an early pg test on Tuesday the 12. I'm both excited and scared. The next couple days are gonna kill me! One more thing, thank goodness I found this site, I think my friends and family are getting tired of my one-track mind! lol. GL to everyone out there and much baby dust!


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