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I'm going to give you a lil bio about me and my family. I'm 31 yrs old, been married for 10 years this July. My husband and I met at Fort Hood in Texas. I was a mechanic in the US Army and so was he. My childhood is sort of a Lifetime movie so we wont go there yet.

I joined the Army when I was 20. I was never good in school and wanted to get a good career inspite of that. I was going to be career Army, but I hurt my back and that dream was over. I met my husband in Texas, he was comeing from Korea. He is hispanic, from east la, california. We married after knowing eachother 7 months. I was told I couldn't have kids so the 2 we have were both a surprize and a blessing. I love animals and we have 2 dogs and one bunny. I dont know if we can keep the bunny. We need a hutch but the cheapest one I can find is 60 bucks and we just dont have it right now.

I've always believed it takes 2 to raise a kid. I also think someone should be home to be with the kids at least untill they go to school, unless you homeschool. I'm against drugs, drinking, and anything else that could get my kids taken away from me. My parents are both addicts (drugs and drink) being a parent and doing those things never is a good idea. (for the kids) My children always come first. The worst thing is a selfish parent in my eyes. Alot of people think I'm lucky becuase I "got to stay home" with my kids... luck has nothing to do with it. We sacrife alot to do this. My husband started at Wal-Mart at min wage 7 yrs ago. It hasnt and isnt always easy.

I am babysitting this year to help out. We are homeschooling Michael for the first year and need some extra cash. We're going to have 2 birthday parties this summer, Michael turns 8 in July and Yesenia turns 1 in June. We like to have huge parties. My husbands bday is the same as our daughters.

I love to do crafts. I make beaded jewelry. I like gardening. I am always outside digging, planting, pulling weeds, mowing. I find it all relaxing... sometimes back breaking but all the same I love it. I enjoy cooking, eating good food, listening to music, and going to theme parks. My best friends are my family. My extended family is not the greatest. They treat me pretty crappy and mostly always have. I've always wanted to have friends or even just a friend who would be like a sister to me and we could always be together doing things and helping eachother out.

I think its important to give back to your community. I try to volunteer and do charity work. I'm not really that nice of a person. If someone annoys me constently or ticks me off they dont get off my sh*t list easily. But if I consider someone family and care about them I can go Michael Corlion on your butt if you mess with them. I'm kind of like the mafia actually. My good side you can see how much I love my family and how devoted I am to the people I care about, but my bad side is pretty dark.

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