Help, Please Respond: Warmer temps are coming (They are right? I’m not delusional?) and the kids school clothes have seen better days. Their school dress code requires that skirts, dresses, and shorts come to the knees and that shirts have sleeves and don’t show tummies while on the monkey bars (and recently sent notes reminding everyone of this). This is an almost impossible task since so many kids clothes are designed by pedophiles or prostitutes or something and its even harder for my oldest daughter who is nine, tall, and slender.

So what I'm looking for is a wardrobe - you know, everything "goes" with everything else - for a tall, slender, tween who likes girly stuff (think London Tipton) but swears she doesn't because she spends time with tomboys and goths as well as a wardrobe of mostly dresses for a preppy, very, very active and average-proportioned first-grader.

Does anybody know where I can shop that carries cute, modest, not Amish-looking, semi-girly-girls clothes that are preferably budget-friendly?

*I’ve tried sewing things and frustratingly (for an accomplished hobiest seamstress) they haven't been turning out right and I've already checked Kohl’s, Old Navy, Gap, Justice Girls (formerly limited too), Forever 21 Girls, and Children’s Place.

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