I am 59, and a 3 & 1/2 year survivor of this disease. I am not a victim, but it has really changed my life. Surviving is one thing, what do you do with that? For me, I'm being more in touch with God, and listening and talking more with Him. He leads my life. Some in my family don't like that. I've decided to listen to God, and not my adult children.  So, I'm moving to a warm climate and have a convertible. I'm going to TRY to live my life according to God, and I know He will guide me and watch over me.

I am not done with this cancer journey. Does it ever end? i don't think so, until you're 6 feet under. So I'll keep a close watch, praying it doesn't come back.

I have just been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease, which affects my hips and legs, of course my back too. I have always been active, and will try to keep that up. Everything will work out. We all have crosses to bear. I accept this and know that it's only a physical thing, not a spiritual one. As long as I have God my Father, I'll live again when I "die"!! More another time.. Dee

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