Hello Dear Readers.  Today I won't talk about sex toys or kids driving me crazy.  Today's blog will be written in the memory of my brother.  April 10th 2007 we lost my 19 year old brother Justin to the Choking Game.  For those who don't know The Choking Game is the act of wrapping something around your neck to cut of the circultion and then release it and experience a head rush.  The Choking game kills hundreds of people a year.  Mostly children and sometimes adults.  The adults are usually doing this act during sex or masterbation.  However it's victims are usally 11-13 year olds.  They learn to play the "game" from other kids.  They start doing it with friends.  They then become addicted to it and start to play by themselves.  This is when most deaths occur.  They start tying things around their nexts such as ties, belts, rope and in my brothers case an extension cord.  They most often pass out and the item around their neck chokes them to death while passed out.  My mother found my brother but he was already gone and she had no hope of waking him up.  He had been playing it for awhile.  Of course noone admits to teaching him the game but they did tell us that he had been playing it.  The Choking Game is dated back to the 1930's.  It has taken the lives of thousands of people.  The most common is preteen males but EVERYONE is at risk.  Here are a few warning signs that if you should be on the look out for.  The first sign is blood shot eyes, marks around the neck that are 'unexplained", frequent headaches, irritably, or severe mood swings.  Also watch for things being tied around other items.  They will tie something around their necks such as a tie, dog leashes, ropes and then attach it to a stable item such as closet rods, bunk beds, door knobs, ceiling.  If you see things like this PLEASE be sure to talk to your kids about the dangers of such games.  Every year young kids are dying all because we are not spreading the word about the dangers of this so called "game".   Please take the time to spread the word.  You never know when you might just save a life. 

Dear Justin,

The pain in my heart is so much greater now than the day you died.  The day you went "home" and recieved your angel wings was easier to deal with due to shock and grief.  The years have gone by but what breaks my heart is we have learned to live without you but it isn't the same kind of life we onced lived.  Please dear brother pull some strings up there and help us with tomorrow's visits.  I will love you always...

Miss you so much


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