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Opinions are like a$$holes

I didn't sleep well, courtlin had to sleep in our floor due to the construction going on in her room. Johnny had gave Michael flooring over a year ago to redo her room since yellow paint got spilled. Anyway long story short Courtlin has an allergy related cough, and she went into a coughing fit at 3. Caitlan rose me to nurse @ 4, she went from 10 p to 4 a.
My temp was 98.6, and I am certain its from the restless night I had Bleh! Still bad nauseated, and have had an increase of creamy cervical mucus. Just 4 days until I test.....I have 3 already bought and put in a special place. <3 come on BFP <3 I am secretly excited but trying to keep my reserve ;-D. There is nothing worse than getting your hopes up. 

I am on cycle day 42 / 9 DPO on the first official TTC'ing cycle. While I am hoping for a one hit wonder baby as it took us 7 years to conceive Caitlan. 

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