Now that I have someone's attention, maybe, let me explain the situation.  My husband and I have been married now for over nine years and have been together consecutively for over twelve.  We met in high school and after I was kicked out of my parents house at seventeen got pregnant.  

This was in June, by December we were married and our son was born in March.  Talk about a whirlwind.  Looking back on it all I find it interesting to see the different degree's our relationship has taken.  I know for a while my husband didn't really care much to be a father or a husband but in his defense he was only nineteen when our son was born.  

In a sense the two of us came into our own as adults together while raising our son.  We've had fights that could blow the house down but always over stupid things when we were younger.  As of now he is a wonderful father and a not so bad husband.  

We tried since our oldest son was two to have another child but finally relented that perhaps it would just be the three of us and began living our lives to only accomodate one child when wouldn't you know I got pregnant again.  My second son was born in July of 2008.  

I was so happy to have him all to myself, my first son more or less was claimed by my mother in-law which after getting over myself realizes that has worked out in the long run, since I really didn't think I'd ever had another one.  

I got to enjoy my new son for only four months before I was slung into the worst depression of my life.  Now before I continue let me explain something before someone says that my life was sparkles and sunshine before I was kicked out of my mothers house.  

When I was fifteen my father was in a car accident that left him with Annoxia.  Basically this breaks down to lack of oxygen to the brain and he was left brain damaged.  My father has no recollection of the past.  He remembers people but not his association to them, like he knows that I'm his daughter but he can't remember anything about me other than that description.  After my fathers accident my mother gave up on me, her own words not mine, deciding that I was old enough to take care of myself.  

A couple of years later my lovely sister, we've made up since, decided that she didn't want me living at the house anymore and my mother kicked me out.  

With all that said back to 2008.  My husband decided it would be a good idea to have relations with a friend of ours.  I was informed about it from both of them and went on with my life.  A few weeks later she called to inform me she was pregnant.  It felt as if someone had died.  

The pain in my heart was immense.  I couldn't breathe and for months had trouble coping with the situation but ultimately in the end I sucked it up realizing what I had to gain if I embraced the situation rather than fight something because then I surely would lose everything I already had.  

I didn't want to leave my husband, I refused to let someone break us apart like that.  Now I understand that someone reading this may think me stupid to stay but I can't imagine not being with him.  Honestly we've always kind of been on a friends with benefits basis and that's how I see him, as an irreplacable friend that I can't live without.  I enjoy our life together and wouldn't change it.  

My step daughter was born July 23 of 2009, my son turned one the next day.  The entire situation at the time really was a cosmic slap in the face for me honestly but now as of today I'm glad that I made up with my friend and get to enjoy my step daughter.  

The two toddlers are very close and I can't imagine, say when we're in the car, and they just start laughing at each other never hearing her giggle.  She's such a delight to have in my life I wouldn't trade her for anything.  

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Apr. 11, 2011 at 11:10 AM

I really admire the fact that you stuck with your husband through the bad. I have always told my husband that once we made the decision to get married, that was it. I dont believe in Divorce and feel like too many couples give up on their marriage without even trying. So kudos to you for sticking it out and making it work!! And congrats on being able to enjoy this little girl. Sounds like this situation could have gone in a completley different direction but I'm really glad you handled it the way you did!!!

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