i,m going away this weekend wth my bf to busch gardens. we are leaving Friday after my mom gets home and come back Sunday .

my sister was going to watch em .but she has to work..so i ask my mom to do it.. now my sister is being all bitchy ..i,m like wie would i get  u to do it wen u have to work..i was going to pay her and buy the food. wie would i get kids all pack up and stuff just for her to take em one nigh.(she has to work sat so it wile one be sat night.) wen mom.can just watch em(all weekend) at home..now i don't leave my kids wth my mom like this often..only did it twice before in 6 years ..

so my qustion is .i,m i a bad mom for going away for the weekend??


no bashing about my tiping..

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Apr. 11, 2011 at 12:24 PM

So your sister was planning to babysit, and was going to be paid. But she didnt request the time off her job, so she is mad at you? She should be mad at herself for not requesting time off from her job. So she just needs to get over it. Kids need to visit their grandmothers! The way I see it, If you need some personal time with your boyfriend and an adult break, then do that. Because it will give you a stress relief. Otherwise, if mom isn't happy and is stressed out, then it will show and the kids may get stressed out too. As long as the kids are healthy and in in a safe, welcoming environment with family, then you shouldnt feel concerned or guitly. So have fun at BG! (side note) bring plastic bags to put your wet clothes in and rent a locker. It's worth it! 

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Apr. 11, 2011 at 1:36 PM

the pool part ant open yet ..but its buy a ticket friend gets in free.see we live wth my mom..so it,s lot easier than me pack en kids up and sending then to here house..my sister decided to change her days at work so she will have off Sunday ..ant my prob.. yes i do need a brake..more than a few hr a night to..ty

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